“Motion Pictures are not just about storytelling, they are also story making. The team it takes to tell the story through the camera lens is the Director and the Cinematographer or DOP. Peter Szilveszter is an amazing DOP as well as a part of my story due his work ethic, dedication and passion in the making of motion pictures as it stands among the highest in the industry. The Legend of Ben Hall was nothing but good fortune for me as a Producer from the first frame to the very last and Peter proved his skillset throughout and beyond, as his eye is so focused on not only the immediate path but the post path as well. He is truly a genius in what he does and how well he executes his work.”
Russell Cunningham – RLC Motion Picture Entertainment / Producer

“Not only a talented craftsman, but a great team player who makes ever project better by being part of it. ”
Luke Graham / Producer / Director

“Peter is the quintessential collaborator. He works effortlessly with the director to realise their vision, whilst also bringing his own ideas to the table – but always in the service of story. He has the raw instinct for cinematography plus the craftsmanship required to bring it all together.”
Matthew Holmes / Director

“I developed a short hand with Pete very quickly and effortlessly. His knowledge and expertise transcends from cinematography to across all story telling technique. He’s like the hardest working guy on set, he just never stops, and he challenges you which always yields a better result for the shot, or the scene, or the whole film in general.”
Clifton Schulke / Director

Peter Szilveszter