A loveable Bogan challenges a pompous Bartender to a cocktail duel after he is unfairly evicted. (warning explicit language)

Comedy / Drama

Worldfest: Houston International Film & Video Festival – Platinum Remi WINNER
Capricorn Film Festival- CAPS Open WINNER
Australian Cinematographers Society: Silver Award for a Short Film

Official Selection at:
Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival
Miami Short Film Festival
Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival (Online)

Hollywood Just4Shorts Film & Screenplay Competition (Finalist)

Starring Dominic Russell, Cameron Pascoe, James Hoare, Jessica Knuth and Brad Villiers
Directed by Alex and Dominic Russell
Written by Dominic Russell
Produced by Alex Russell, Dominic Russell and Zac Garven
Cinematographer  / Colourist Peter Szilveszter
Production Designer Diana Hopper
Editor Peter Szilveszter
Composer Tauese Tofa


Peter Szilveszter